Free Writing. Tried it before? Try it NOW!

Have you ever heard of free writing? Its when yuo write continously for a set period of time usually 30 mins without stopping or thinking and that includes not correcting your mistakes adn that is what i am doign now hence the plenty mistakes.

You should try it somtime.It is bizarre to say the least and already i have ran out of things to say. Its Friday today, Yeah!!! Anything exciting palnned for the weekend? I am doing doing a dance rehearsal this weekend for a performance next year. Nothing exciting either. Is it just me or do time fly so quickly….and even when yuo are not having fun. I have never blogged before this and i never would have if it wanst for work because I dont feel liek i have much to say or not in something that ppl will be interested in anyway adn besides most of the issues are covered by other poeple.

I have always wondered though that if i was any good at writing, I would have written such a great book on just the activities of people from a bus window. Trust me when i say, if yuo observe closely it is amazing what we get up to during the day.

Well my time is almost up. I didnt write for 30 mins though only about 10. But honestly try this please. It realeases stress…no kidding and it helps writers overcome block and critism. well again please forgive my mistakes and have a graet weekend.

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